Monday, March 03, 2008

Meeting Stowe Boyd - A Social Media Pioneer, Adventurer and Traveler

If you google him you will hear terms like "media subversive" ." internationally recognized authority on real-time, collaborative and social technologies" In an interview "Social Tools: Ready for the Enterprise?" Stowe Boyd says ' Swarm intelligence is simply the observation that a group of people -- each operating without global understanding -- can collectively come up with smart solutions, even when, individually, they couldn't."

I think this is true of Twitter. When you are following a lot of smart people you can do things that you individually could not do. I met Stowe Boyd at the DC media makers meet on Feb 28th. The reason he was coming was Nahum Gershon who initally asked him to speak.He spoke to 30 odd folks at the DC Media Makers meeting

I taped his talk and it kind of validate my reasons for being in the Social media scene. the audience participation was intersting and then we went down to the Capitol City Brewery for beer an dinner.

Thanks to Michael Goldstein of ContentNow for hosting this meeting. I met Stowe the next day at the Cafe Monmarte in Reston for lunch. We have a few common friends and I was surprised that he was aware of Image Cafe ( Easy to use website builder for small Business) the product that i worked on before becoming the Social Media Swami of Network Solutions.

I liked the project that he is working on and that has a lot of promises. He is a genuinely nice guy and I enjoyed the lunch and company. I asked him if he could spare sometime to come and give a talk at Network Solutions and he agreed . Now i must find a good time on his schedule.

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