Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rohit Bhargava's New Approach to a book launch

We live in the DC area but strangly got the opportunity to chat for a long time at SXSW. Rohit was talking about new ideas for the launch of his book "Personality Not Included". In his post on "Influential Marketing Blog" Rohit is pitching a new way to promote his book.

Here is what he says:

My idea is simple: if you send me five questions that you want to know about the
book or personality, I'll write you a response on Friday that you can publish on
your blog. Let's call these virtual interviews (ie - interviews by email). You
choose whether to post the interview on your blog or not after you get my
responses, but I am essentially offering for ANY BLOGGER to send me interview
questions and I will respond with answers that are NOT cut and pasted, but
specific to your questions. I will send all my responses to you on Friday in the
order that I get your questions, and I will link to all the posted interviews on
Friday. On Monday, I'll be running a competition on my blog to let readers vote
on the Best Interview. The winner will get a signed copy of my book and a gift
certificate for $100 from Amazon. Here are a few reasons you may want to do it:

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