Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Justifying attending Conferences

Cam Beck (The Age of Conversation contributing author) has a new post on the blog ChaosScenario about attending Ad:tech. I have been attending a few conferences as the Social Media Swami for Network Solutions and the 5 points that Cam states on his post are on the dot for me too. Before moving into this position I have been very academic about conferences and choosing sessions to attend and then dispersing the knowledge to colleagues and friends who did not attend. Now I would use more of the time for networking ,exposure and trend  spotting.

Here are the 5 that Cam wrote on Chaos Scenario and read the rest of the post http://www.chaosscenario.com/main/2008/04/adtech-parting.html

5 reasons you should attend these

  1. Networking. I met a
    lot of good people at Ad:Tech, and got an opportunity to see others I don't get
    the opportunity to see that much.
  2. Exposure. I don't
    care who you are, it's good for those in your industry to be aware of what your
    company does. If you need business, with over 10,000 people in attendance, this
    is a good way to build it. Maybe you have all the customers you can handle, and
    if so, good for you! But nothing is perpetual in business except change. So it
    will be nice to be on the top of someone else's mind when they happen across a
    situation that causes them to reflect, "Hey, I know the perfect company for your
  3. Education. We're apt
    to think that our problems and challenges are unique, but in reality there isn't
    much that is new under the sun, if you know what to look for. Chances are you'll
    come across someone, either in conversation or by watching a keynote or panel
    discussion, who has found a way to tackle something you've been struggling with,
    and it might spark an idea on you can approach your situation.
  4. Trend-spotting. Where
    is the industry heading? What are the buzzwords? Hint: If
    you haven't heard any new ones lately, see my warning about being in an echo

  5. Vendor research. This
    is sort of a combination of all of the other reasons, but it deserves its own
    space for the extent to which you can educate yourself about the companies out
    there who are, in pursuit of their own interests, are dying to help you solve
    your business problems. I know a lot of us get pitched by potential vendors all
    the time, but it's hard to beat the opportunity to see so many of them in one
    place, at one time.

Great post Cam ! Now I am looking for thoughts on justifying sponsorships for conferences.

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