Podcamp DC - Chris Brogan's post

My version of Karma Yoga is that you do some good  without expecting anything in return. I think the Podcamp principle is the same . Most people come there to learn and a many to teach and spread the knowledge without expecting anything in return. I am more in the learning category and my involvement in podcamp DC was that Network Solutions was sponsoring the lunch. 

A few days before the event Podcamp DC I still saw there was a spot vacant and just pinged Tammy. That is the story of how I came to talk to a room full of smart people about " How small business can business can use social media".

Now the good things that came my way by doing this are that Kenneth Yeung a DC Blogger took this video of the presentation . Thank you Kenneth.

Chris Brogan wrote a post The Beauty of PodCamp on chrisbrogan.com and that was thrilling for me. See the post and the photo with him. he is a great guy to meet and being featured on his blog is a honor.

I learnt a lot from discussion we had in the room during my talk  and want to thank those who attended the session. Please leave a comment on Chris brogan's blog about the podcamp movement.

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