Saturday, April 19, 2008

Podcamp DC the fun starts

Podcamp is a unconference so a bit of a treasure hunt to find the registration desk is OK. The walk was good  remember this is entirely run by volunteers.


The first session I attended is the one by jessie Newburn. Jessienewburn gave a talk on generations and Social Media and generated a lot of discussions.  The audience had equal number of Boomers and millenials and dominated by Gen xers. I think the Gen Xers are eager to learn about how to communicate to Millenials. The millenials are probably thinking of how to avoid communicating with Gen Xers ( thats my take :)

Tak eaways

Boomers - use Tv

Gen Xer : deinstitutionalize the message. more from a person than instiution

Millenials : peer to peer, "Treat them as they are knowing that you have a agenda," capacity to do things together

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