Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Waiting to meet Kamalesh Dwivedi new CIO Network Solutions

I think this is the first CIO position created at Network Solutions . I am happy to welcome Kamalesh Dwivedi. You can read the press release about Kamalesh that contains a lot of good stuff. Kamalesh was an Executive Vice President and the CIO at TeleTech Holdings, in Englewood, Colorado before joining us.

Kamalesh is the sponsor of an endowment at his old school IIT Kanpur to encourage excellence in education in India by instituting a professorship Chair and three scholarships for women students department at IIT Kanpur.

Information Week says

"Kamalesh Dwivedi, CIO of ADC Telecommunications Inc., a maker of broadband network equipment, software, and integration tools, wants ADC to move faster than its customers to anticipate their demands."

Prior to ADC, Kamalesh Dwivedi was the CIO of Scientific-Atlanta, now a division of Cisco.

I look forward to having a conversation with him soon. Any bets on where I will meet him first - Parking lot, elevator, corridor, at my office, at his office etc...

I am thrilled that Kamlesh is a IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) graduate. That's a school every kid in India dreams about going to IIT. I wanted to go too but it has some amazing competition.

What is IIT ?

Here is what the Chairman of InfoSys Narayana Murthy says about IIT.
... my son ... wanted to do computer science at IIT. To do computer science at IIT, you have to be in the top 200 and he couldn't do that, so he went to Cornell instead.
STAHL: Think about that for a minute. A kid from India using an Ivy League university as a safety school. That's how smart these guys are ...

Here is a Yahoo answer
Indian Institute Of Technology.
ranked no. 1 in India and recently 3rd in world just after Massacheussets institute of tech [MIT] nd stanford institue..
getting into an IIT is a huge accomplishment as it has been voted as the 4th toughest exam in INDIA

Of course Dilbert has some cartoons of IITians ( which is a compliment) that are collected here

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