Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Podcamp dc Joel Mark witt

If this guy stood for election I would vote for him. He works for the maryland zoo. marylandzoo.tv. Even if marylandzoo.tv was not part of his job he did multimedia anyway using the principle. do it and apologize later.

Joel talked about how the established media on one side and the you tubers on the other side. There is a gap in the middle.

Joel's advice is to tell a story and target it to a tribe. As usual Smart guy that Joel is he he encouraged the smart people in the audience to start a discussion.

Joel asked the audience if they wanted help with terms like tagging and had all the audience record a video and tag it podcampdc and piglatin. look for these videos.

He asked Andy Carvin to explain about how to further their messages. Andy of course live videocast this  from his n95.

Joel's Presentation Slides:

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