Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Social Media Head hunter Calls - Event in St Louis

I very often tweet my cell number on my commute home and have the opportunity to talk to some wonderful people. On a recent call I had the chance to speak to James Durbin @smheadhunter. We have a common friend Robert Neelbauer of jobmatchbox.com. James full of great ideas and we discussed a small business networking conference in St Louis sometime soon. The idea is to have a evening networking event for St Louis Small Business and blogger/twitter community. We have an hour of networking and an hour of a keynote speech. The best way to this would be to bring in the local business journal, the local paper, the regional chamber, and maybe even several large companies from St. Louis. I hope to rope in Todd Jordan and get more support from Twitterati.

Anyone else interested lets start a dialog in the comments and make this happen in June or July. We had a great time doing similar events sponsored by Network Solutions at Miami, Charlotte and Orlando.

James Durbin blogs at   http://stlrecruiting.com, and http://www.brandstorming.com and his company's website is  http://durbinmedia.com

Thanks James for calling and hope to meet you in person soon. I am honored that you gave me your time.

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