Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheers ! Jim Beam takes a step in the Social Media

Interview in Chicago : I took this video at SOBCon08 where Jim Beam was one of the sponsors. JJ Betts is a very nice guy and I took this interview at the docks on the banks of the Chicago river. The social media portal of Jim Beam is and they are definitely thinking "outside the cask". Check out Mark MurrMann's page I was happy about their community efforts to provide food, baby care, car repairs, financial assistance, and computers to the families of our troops

Top Bourbon in the world: Jim Beam has a amazing brand awareness and is the world's number selling Bourbon according to the company. Here I must mention my knowledge of Whiskey, whisky - how ever you want to spell it. I grew up in India where the only brand that people have heard of is Johnny Walker (blame the British for that one) and everyone thinks in terms of Scotch.  This time on my trip to India instead of the customary Johnny Walker Black label I should take two bottles of Jim Beam . Beam Global's brand Teachers Whisky sells very well in India.

IMFL Is popular: Of course Scotch is a costly drink so most people drink IMFL . According to this web site India represents one of the world's largest whisky markets .Scotch whisky market in India is growing at a fast rate of around 40% per annum. Malt whisky is a growing category in India, the total whisky market is around 70 - 75 million cases, of which imported whiskies account for around 300,000 cases per annum, and is growing at  35 - 40 per cent in India.

How to drink Jim beam ? The question I have for you experienced Jim Beam drinkers? What is the best way to drink Jim Beam . Did James Bond drink Jim beam? Was this bourbon featured in any spectacular movie scenes? Come on help a bourbon novice out here ? of course I should have asked these questions of JJ Betts. Maybe I will send him an email. Please comment and educate me.

Psst : Network Solutions also sponsored SOBCon 08 where I met JJ. Jim Beam sponsored the cruise and dinner.

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