Sunday, May 18, 2008

New word Splommenters

Susan Scrupski of ITSinsider has a post about Social media Spammers. She referred to a post of her friend Tammy Erickson where she talks about

The next challenge looms ahead – to reshape corporations – to make them better places for our daughters – and our sons – and ourselves. You battle-scarred veterans – women and men – who have opened the doors of opportunity, have given today’s young women the confidence that they can achieve whatever they choose. Now, let’s give us all humane workplaces that are worthy of being chosen.

Now the first comment here is from Kimberly Rosenberg who openly recommends a product in the comment. In my opinion you mention a product in a comment only if the post is about products and usually asks for recommendations. In this case if the post was about which products to use for Small Business this would have made sense.

My question is that most comments are <no-follow> so no search engines are ever going to see them or provide any link value. What do you think these comments achieve other than the blog readers clicking the links?

Note: I must mention that I see that Tammy Erickson will be ’ll be speaking at the Business and Professional Women’s National Employer Summit, “Women in the Workplace: Our Next Challenge” on June 20, 2008 in Washington, DC. http:/ / .

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