Sunday, May 11, 2008

Google may be buying more than half a Million servers every year

There is a great article on Business Week on the recent funding of $100 million that Facebook  received. The funding according to Spencer. F Ante's article will be used "entirely for servers".

Its interesting to see a few numbers from other major players:

- Data Center Knowledge puts Facebook as having 10,000 servers (including 1,800 MySQL servers) and will buy 50k with the new funds.

- Forrester Research's Gillett a leading expert on the evolution of IT infrastructure, and researches topics such as customer use and adoption of virtualization, grid computing, and utility computing estimates that Google, owner of the world's biggest Web search engine, is buying half a million servers each year. Did you know a study last year said YouTube accounted for 10% of all internet traffic.

- Microsoft's (MSFT) annual consumption is as much as 200,000 servers.

How does this compare to you or your company? have you see other figures around the internet? Would be very interested in hearing more.

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