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Weather on demand on Twitter

I have been following SunDC and Wx_DC to get the weather on Twitter for the DC area. I always thought it would be nice to have weather on demand on Twitter

I saw a Tweet from DrThomasHo

"you can now get temperature in Fahrenheit from @isitniceoutside by appending (f) after postal code

@isitniceoutside is developed by @howicode. The advantage I see is that you can get weather on demand.

How to start:

a) Follow @isitniceoutside on Twitter

b) @isitniceoutside will start following you back.

c) To get weather send a DM example : d isitiniceoutside 20171(f)

d) If you want to get the weather in Celcius then you don;t have to out the (f) at the end.

So now when you want the weather use Twitter. Some of the questions I have for @howicode are :

What is the source of this weather info?

How often is it updated?

Want to see other Bots etc who give you weather on Twitter go here :


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