Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Good Name - Meeting Jack London Chairman CACI

Jack london caci chairman

ExecutiveBiz had a event yesterday at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner. the event was a book signing by Jack London Chairman of CACI. The Book "Our Good Name" is 778 pages long and I have added it to my Queue of books that I have and not read yet. :)

My 3 takeaways :

a) Companies should prepare for crisis management and learn to defend their name in the changed world. I think he said ' Companies should not think that this won't happen to them".

b) Keeping quiet and hoping that a crisis will go away is not a good strategy.

c) In this day and age the trend is  for people to get the story out first and check the details later.

Jack London Speaking at the Tower Club - Executive Biz event







Jack was very open and approachable (No one hovering around to intervene). I asked him the main motivation for the book and here is what he said. (Sorry it is not complete because I got a call and the N95 stopped recording :( )

He answered my question as to whether they intervened on blogs promptly and said that they did not. The implication in the answer I think was that they were in a crisis mode already with the main stream media and possibly did not have the resources to engage everywhere.

All the royalties for this book will be donated to disabled veterans charities.

This is the first time I have been to the Tower Club. I was happy to meet Erica Miller the membership director of Tower Club who I previously met at the recent TechCocktail DC. The other awesome folks I met are Social Media Mavens Marybeth Fraser and Dana Theus.

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