Saturday, May 24, 2008

Your own Wikipedia page ?

I confess I googled my first name "shashi". I consider myself privileged that I am result number 3 after Shashi Tharoor ( author and UN Diplomat) and Shashi Kapoor ( A well known Bollywood actor).  The two top results were Wikipedia pages. My curiosity was aroused. Who creates these pages? Can the person create the page themselves? So I asked this question on Twitter.

IS it a good idea to start a wikipedia page for yourself ? No business reason but just in case someone searches for you? Advice?

These were the replies:

trib: @shashib think it's considered pretty bad form. I have a vague recollection there's actually a policy.

GridironGoddess: @shashib I think wikipedia frowns on someone starting their own page

paulswansen: @shashib Sounds like a good idea. There's some possibilities there.

andybob: @shashib if you have to create your own wikipedia page you're not significant to be on wikipedia - the editors will likely remove it.

epodcaster: @shashib: It's great to have a wiki page but generally frowned upon if it's you that creates or edits it.

shawno: @shashib: I think it's generally considered bad practice to start your own Wikipedia page.

saamir: @shashib I think they'll delete it if you're not notable enough

paulhyland: @shashib: good idea to start wikipedia page for self? Sorry, answer here: believe not considered good form, might be removed as promo, insig

I guess I will be giving up any thoughts of creating a wikipedia page for myself. Do you know anyone who has a wikipedia page? are you yourself on wikipedia?

Would love to hear from you, please comment here.

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