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SocialDevCamp - A room full of CEOs

SocialDevCamp is a new "unconference" movement for "for Thought Leaders of the Future Social Web" which was held at the University of Baltimore 's Thumel Business Center Building on May10th 2008. I am really glad that Network Solutions joined the other great companies and individuals who sponsored SocialDevCamp.

To explain my headline , while the baby boomers and Gen Xers maybe content to meet the CEO, most Millenials want to be the CEO. This also led to me remember the words of Gray Hemel '' Out there in some garage is an entrepreneur who's forging a bullet with your company's name on it. You've got one option now--to shoot first. You've got to out-innovate the innovators. " quoted in the book "The Art of innovation" - Tom Kelley. This is how the atmosphere was. And judging by the number of C level cards I got , these entrepreuners are not waiting for someone to make them the CEO.

As SocialDevcamp started in the auditorium there was so much brilliance in the room that I wished I had worn my shades indoors too :)

In typical barcamp style the organizers -David Troy , Ann Bernard and Keith Casey of WhyGoSolo - chose to limit sponsorship to only $250 per sponsor for the event. When they were short of funds they reached out on Twitter and asked for help. The community responded and the conference was a great success.

The event started of with breakfast and networking where anyone could suggest a Session and that was voted by everyone.


Once the sessions were decided they quickly updated the Wiki with the agenda and the participants started the day. I attended these sessions:

- Persuasive Social Media
- Social and Semantic Web
- Selling the Value of Social Web to Management ( Moderated by me, will post a recap in a separate blog post)
- Washington area/East Coast startup scene and resources

The location was awesome, well planned with a central place to socialize and the auditorium and session rooms right across the center hall.


photo credit Jeff Kubina

The sessions themselves were full of enthusiasm with the the experts contributing their knowledge.

The after party was a great success and was held at

The Brewer's Art
1106 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Tel: 410-547-6925

Follow-up posts for this conference will be :
Remarkable people I met
Should we create a Wiki : How to pitch Social media to your boss

Along with the organizers I would like to mention Dave Troy's son who filmed on QIK and Jennifer Troy for organizing the afterparty and echoing Dave Troy's thanks 'Jim Kucher at the University of Baltimore deserves huge kudos for securing the terrific space at the Thumel Business Center at a deeply discounted price."

Great Blog Posts about SocialDevCamp ( some referring to it)

Jimmy Gardner :

Greg Cangialosi :

Dave Troy :

Ann Bernard:

Kenneth Yeung :

AkshayJava :

Jason J Thomas :

Rob Carson : ( he is thinking about writing a post)


Keith Casey


Harry Chen : and

Mark Scrimshire :

Alex Hillman

Kenneth Yeung

Nick O' Neil and

Travis J Todd :

Russel Heimlich

If I missed your post please comment and I will add it.

Video Coverage of SocialDevcamp

Kenneth Yeung :
Qik: shashi, davetroy

Alan Chaess:

Photos from SocialDevCamp


Jimmy Gardner :
Mark Scrimshire :

Many thanks to sponsors, volunteers and attendees who made this event be successful.

Sponsors of SocialDevCamp


Registrants (aka Campers)
(Some people on the list may not have actually made it, I may have missed others who registered on-site)

  1. Aaron Batalion
  2. Akshay Java
  3. Alan Chaess seesmob @chaeseco
  4. Alex Hillman
  5. Amit Shafrir
  6. Amy Hoy - Slash 7
  7. Amy Senger
  8. Andrea Baker
  9. Andrew Wright
  10. Anjan Shah
  11. Ann Bernard -
  12. Anthony LaFauce
  13. Armen Arevian
  14. Barry George
  15. Becca Baker
  16. Ben Kutil
  17. Berin Szoka Progress & Freedom Foundation
  18. Bill Mill
  19. Bob Neelbauer - Twitter: Jobmatchbox
  20. Brent Halliburton -
  21. Brian Cary
  22. Brian Devine
  23. Brian Drake
  24. Brian Hoffman []
  25. Brian Sloane
  26. Bryan Hurley
  27. Bryan Liles
  28. Charles Harvey
  29. Cesar Diaz
  30. Cherie Beck
  31. Chris Ballance -
  32. Chris Conley ümlatte llc
  33. Chris Kinnan
  34. Clay Fink
  35. Colin Drane
  36. Colin Lowenberg
  37. Colin Steele
  38. Craig Green
  39. Cynthia Neil
  40. D. Keith Casey, Jr. - ;
  41. Dan Goodman
  42. Daniel Schiavone
  43. Dave Troy - ; Roundhouse Technologies, LLC;
  44. David Beaudouin - ;;
  45. David Cizek
  46. David Crandall
  47. David Kirkpatrick
  48. David Patton
  49. Derek Wright
  50. Eddie Welker
  51. Elizabeth A. Terrell
  52. Emad Ibrahim blog Yonkly - open source twitter
  53. Evan Steinberg - - get the REAL scoop on college
  54. Eyal Termechi
  55. Fname Lname
  56. Frank Hecker -
  57. Gary Sharma
  58. Gene Deems
  59. Geoff Livingston
  60. George Brett
  61. Greg Bloom
  62. Greg Cangialosi The Trend Junkie
  63. Greg Ritter Blackboard
  64. Greg Yardley Pinch Media
  65. Harry Chen --
  66. Holly Samee
  67. Isaac A Mosquera
  68. Ivan Peevski
  69. JP Toto - 30Points Design & Consulting
  70. James Lombardi
  71. James Watkins
  72. Jane Harvey
  73. Jane Quigley Jane Quigley
  74. Jared Goralnick -
  75. Jasmine Sante
  76. Javier Rios - []
  77. Jeff Kubina
  78. Jen Gunner
  79. Jen King
  80. Jennifer Gunner
  81. Jennifer Troy
  82. Jesse Rohland Pinch Media
  83. Jessie X Jessie X
  84. Jia Ji = ; - could use a place to stay Friday night
  85. Jim Wang
  86. Jimmy Gardner - ; 2Plus11 Technology (
  87. Joe Cascio (tentative) Read at Joe's, Joe's Video, Etc., On Twitter: joec0914,
  88. Joel Eisenlipz (aka Stephen Nason)
  89. Joel Fisher
  90. Joel Mark Witt =
  91. John Ferrell
  92. John Trupiano SmartLogic Solutions
  93. Jonathan Fields
  94. Joy Gatewood Fulton
  95. Juliana Neelbauer staffmagnet, LLC
  96. Julio Barros E-String
  97. Justin Michaliga
  98. Justin Thorp - Clearspring Technologies
  99. Justine Lam
  100. K.C. Hopson
  101. Kenneth Yeung - Blog and Twitter
  102. Kristina Everett
  103. L.A. Davis
  104. Lauren Galanter (tentative)
  105. Lili Balfour
  106. Lisa Moore Toonamation
  107. Liz Pruszko -
  108. Lokesh Dhakar
  109. Lorne Epstein
  110. Lynn Wallenstein and
  111. Mahvash Taqi
  112. Mark Drapeau
  113. Mark Scrimshire - and ekivemark on Twitter
  114. Matt Topper - and topperge on Twitter
  115. Melanie Kelleher
  116. Michael Neville
  117. Mike "bear" Taylor Seesmic bearlog
  118. Mike Brenner Sunrise Design
  119. Mirco Mannucci
  120. Mit Majithia
  121. Nahum Gershon - ;
  122. Newt Fowler
  123. Nick Hall
  124. Nick O'Neill Social Times
  125. Nikolas Coukouma - twitter
  126. Nisha Thompson
  127. Patrick Ewing -
  128. Patti Chan -
  129. Paul Worsham - Chief Social Officer 1 Piazza
  130. Pramit Mohapatra -
  131. Premraj Jeyaprakash - ; Isquare Inc
  132. Raj Malik
  133. Ralph Sklarew workingWidgets
  134. Rana Sobhany
  135. Randy Boland -
  136. Regan Buker
  137. Renee Edelman
  138. Riaz Virani
  139. Rich Goldman
  140. Richard Ellsberry - / MediaWiki
  141. Rob Carlson
  142. Robert Neel
  143. Russell Heimlich @kingkool68 - U.S.News & World Report
  144. Ryan Spahn Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock
  145. Sara Spivey
  146. Scott Scheyer
  147. Scott Tranter
  148. Scott Tuddenham Searchles
  149. Sean Shadmand
  150. Shashi Bellamkonda, Shashi
  151. Sri Nagubandi Sri Nagubandi
  152. Stan Schwartz Toonamation
  153. Stephen Hopkins
  154. Stephen Muirhead
  155. Steven Mandzik - swordplay, robotchampion
  156. Suzanne Hurley
  157. Tac Tacelosky
  158. Taylor Davidson -
  159. Teria Rogers
  160. Thibeaux Lincecum
  161. Thomas Keeley
  162. Tim Shey
  163. Travis J. Todd -
  164. Vicki Contie
  165. Victoria Pickering
  166. Yair Flicker - SmartLogic Solutions
  167. Zvi Band
  168. George Brett TW: @ghbrett
  169. Mike Subelsky
  170. Wilson Mar
  171. Brian Drake Facebook
  172. Mike Rosenfeld
  173. Vlad Korolev
  174. Tom Poe
  175. Ross -
  176. Clarence Wooten


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