Thursday, May 29, 2008

TechCocktail Chicago

It was worth every bit of the early rising I had to do for getting to Chicago before 8 a.m. Met Geoff Livingston at the Chicago Midway airport. It was weird that South West has a flight to Chicago almost at the same time from BWI and Dulles IAD in the morning.


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The Loyola Water Tower Campus is in downtown Chicago  and it was easy to get there for $2 using the EL from midway and changing to the red line.

TechCocktail Chicago

The campus is great. Did not love the fact that the break away session room is 13 floors down but the location is awesome. So far have been to these sessions.

You Can Build a Business From Anywhere Mike Domek

  • 9 Tips to Profitability: How Squidoo Did It  Brian Williams & Corey Brown
  • Leveraging Social Apps & Widgets For Your Business
    Moderator: Sean Ammirati
    Panel: Keith Schacht, Troy Henikoff, Nick O’Neill, Alex Bard
  • by Adrian Holovaty
  • How to Think About Partnerships  Nick Fera\
  • Keynote by  - Allan Cox, "Discovering your inner CEO" It was cool to be recognized by him as he walked into the room prior to his speech as we are FaceBook friends :)


Allan Cox Author Inner CEO


Met a lot of smart people. Frank Gruber, Eric Olson, Dave Armano, Nick O'Neil, Leora Zellman ( She took a lot of pics), Mark Drapeau, Tim Courtney, David  Jeyes, Steve Jones, Gary Vanyerchuck, Bernard Kappe, Corey brown, Brian Wills. Micah Baldwin, Jared Goralnick, Justin Thorp (we meet more outside DC than in DC :) )

leora the photographer

Frank gruber the singer kicks off techCocktai


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