Saturday, May 24, 2008 celebrates 4 years

I am Technosailor






May 20th was the 4th Anniversary of At the 4th anniversary/birthday party at Austin Grill in DC.

Peter Corbett, Justin Thorp and Jimmy Gardner

Technosailor announced that a 4th Blogger was joining the team. The team at will now be Aaron Brazell, Steven Fisher writing about venture capital and marketing, Carlos Granier-Phelps ( I met him in Miami - very nice guy) writes the Spanish and Mike Dougherty - marketing topics.4th Anniversary Cake -





I am happy that the is expanding. Aaron Brazell left B5media for what I call "retirement" (Just a joke). I am sure he has a lot of ideas up his sleeve and look forward to seeing more announcements in the next few weeks.

Here is a funny video that shows we had fun at the 4th birthday.


I wish him and the very best. In case you you don't have it on your list of blog to read be sure to add it to your feed or email subscription.


As you can see I am catching up on my blogging calendar. This is one post that I must finish before I settle down.

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