Saturday, May 24, 2008

Readers can now print your Blog posts

I discovered a widget by HP on Sampad's blog called 'Print it". Adding the widget will allow your readers to choose and print any post on the page. The feature by Tabblo,com which HP acquired is called " HP Blog printing". TypePad, Wordpress and Blogger users can easily add a widget to their sidebar that allows readers to choose blog posts to print.

The website where you can get this

The pitch from the download site :

Turn your blog into a print center

HP Blog Printing makes it easy to add full-featured printing to your blog so users can enjoy a customized read on the go. Starting at the print button, readers can pick and choose the posts they want to print, free of sidebars, ads and other clutter. Each great-looking printout is fully formatted to reduce paper waste.

Blog author benefits

  • Enhancing blog printability and usability is free and easy.
  • Readers like choosing content and printing direct from the web.
  • Printouts extend your reach. They move online content offline so others can share, store and enjoy.
  • The great printing experience is independent of each reader's platform or web browser.
  • Great-looking, formatted prints make you look good.

If you are asking yourself - who or why is it necessary to print a blog post, I can give you an example. We have a thai recipe in our kitchen that was printed from this blog post at a fellow blog at I had also posted this recipe on my food blog.

Would you use this widget? Do you know any blogs that should be using this? I can think of the number of times I have printed Jeremiah Owyang's or Chris Brogan's Blog posts to show around the office where I would have used this feature if it was on their blogs.

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