Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digital Media Conference Analyst Presentations

Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist, CEA
11 phenomenon Alive and Well

  • moving to a 2nd generation devices
  • analog to digital cameras
  • digital DVDs
  • 360 deg solutions emerging
    • Companies providing way to create media from strat to finish,
    • Example - Amazon kindle
  • Distribution is evolving
    • living room is digital device battle field
    • Broadband moves to more than 50% users
    • setup boxes emerging as a viable alternative to content
    • MSOs are changing the landscape - DVRs, digital feature rich
    • Gaming and computers play a important role WII, XBOX
    • Physical media - 30% of consumers will have docking stations
    • Consumers are comfortable with physical media
    • 3D video in the homewill emerge
    • 20% of digital tvs are 1080p i.e full hD
    • What's next for television
      • view digital video files
      • access internet
      • control and personalize experience
      • share content on tvs
    • Mobile devices
      • top use broadband emerging trend
    • 700MHZ will give more digital trends

Mark Donovan, CMO and Senior Analyst, comScore

  • 5 trends on mobile
    • Mmetrics acquired by Comscore
    • 10 min too short for mobile trends
    • 29% mobile broadband penetration
    • mobile boradband lifts media consumption
    • Smartphones
      • 45 models in 2005 to 152 models in April 2008
      • geek phones to chic phones
      • 7% of users are smartphone users but 122% growth YOY
      • 50% of smartphone have unlimited dataplan
    • Mobile web
      • 46% growth in people using mobile web
      • utility web audience is growing- things that you need,
      • IPhone effect
      • Iphone crashed the party
      • 59% of smartphone users browse the internet and with the entry of the iPhone it became 90%
  • software is the mew mobile battleground
  • customer ownership is a battle
  • connecting phones to PC is a new trend in improvement

Jim Wolak, Senior Executive, Accenture

    • 20 billion spent in digital advertising for customer acq
    • top performers from survey conducted among top executives
      • work force talent  top Google
      • applied business analytics- Google
      • Salesforce and channel performance: Microsoft (Google came second)
      • Investments and business development : Both Microsoft and Google top ( news corporation second)

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