Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digital Media Wire 2008 :Ron Berryman

Fox interactive

  • 186 million unique visitors per month to Fox interactive properties
  • ppl spend 3 hrs and 22 min online
  • ppl spend 3 hrs and 45 min watching TV
  • Media moved from print to Radio
  • newspapers depended on ads, subscription and position
  • Radio had advertising
  • Entry of Satellite radio provided subscition models
  • Then TV came in
    • TV subscription models came in with cable and satellite
    • Most business models remain intact and more emerge
    • TIVO, DVR, VCR
    • new business models
      • CPM,CPC, Lead generation, etc
      • Viewers don't want to pay to watch TV shows online
    • On demand content
      • showing ads when the show is paused ( Cool !)
      • showing ads based on local area online

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