Sunday, June 29, 2008

How does Marie Arana decide which books to review?

This question must get a lot of attention at the Washington Post. I asked myself this question pondering this morning's Washington Post Book World. I was thinking of Rohit Bhargava and his book "Personality not included". He is a local author and a brilliant guy. The topic of his book is not politics, fiction or prose but a easy to understand book on how businesses can win in the changed new media world. I hope Rohit's book makes it to the Washington area bestsellers list.

Rohit told me he was writing a book when we met at the Digital Media Wire conference  in 2007. He wrote on Fridays and his book is based on his experiences working in the Digital Influence team at Ogilvy. The book arrived almost the same time as his second child was born. As Rohit's wife Chaavi says they actually had twins late last year! We met again in SXSW and this time Rohit told a bunch of us he met at lunch about the book and had some publicity materials to give away.

I got a preview copy  of "Personality Not Included" when I went to the Blogger Social in New York in April. In the spirit of the book's preaching Rohit had a contest where he asked any Blogger to send him questions for an interview and he would answer all of them ( limited to the first 50). From these interviews Rohit selected 12 for a contest. He followed that by a contest asking people to vote for the best interview. This created buzz and I watched 2 of my good friends Jonny Goldstein and Linda Sherman battle for the best blog interview with Rohit Bhargava. 

At Blogger Social Rohit hosted a breakfast where he asked the bloggers present to give ideas on how they would promote a book if they had $250. he collected the answers and named the winning idea.

At a recent Speaker's dinner for Blog Potomac Rohit was the speaker and his post explains the modus operandi !

Bottom line this guy has worked hard to write a interesting book and I agree with a reviewer who has categorized him akin to Guy Kawasaki ( Guy actually wrote the foreword for the book) and Seth Godin. How he is promoting the book is another great watchable story. I hope to see his book reviewed in the Washington Post soon.

He is speaking to Small Business at a Network Solutions organized event tomorrow June 30th .

Details here :

Now to answer the question from my headkine for this post I suggest you read this article by Deborah Howell the Washington Post Ombudsman

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