Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Visiting the Digital Dentist - Small Business blog post for 07/01/2008

3 years ago I blogged about Maryland Dental and today I found myself once again in the patient's chair. As Dr. Daney was poking me with sharp objects the only thing in my mind was - How do I blog about this? Obviously I couldn't hold the N95 and point it to my teeth. Even if the logistics were impossible who would want to see me scream ?

So I did the next best thing got Dr. Daney on video after the cleaning was done.

Paperless office wow, here is a green dentist :) If you are in the DC area specially Maryland and are looking for dentist I would recommend Dr. Shoba Daney.

You also get SWAG when you finish

swag from dentist

How is your experience with your dentist? What do they do that is different from other dentists?

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