Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got scooped By Shel Israel

I say this in a lighter vein ;) as  I was glad to see that Shel Israel posted the news of Connie Bensen joining the Network Solutions blogging team .

Connie is a great person to have on our team and I depend on her to keep me straight. This is also a exciting time for us at Network Solutions with a lot of social media activity and the excitement within the company as we take more steps in reaching out wherever our customers are.

I am also happy that Steven Fisher is also helping us with covering local events and interviews for

With such a star studded team I am hoping some of the brilliance rubs off on me :)

Thanks Connie and Steve.

Shel Israel gave me an opportunity to talk about my new job as a Social Media Swami for Network Solutionsin an interview on his blog in February.

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