Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lunch Time Karma -

Today at the Digital Media Conference I randomly chose a table and had great company. Melissa Clark from Siteworx and Dan Werbel. of As we ate lunch Dan told us about and how he got the idea from his kid deleting important files by mistakes on his computer. As he described the features I was virtually drooling as these are things any parent wants for their family computer. I got inspired to take a live video interview that 11 other people have seen so far.

Features of

  • Protect your files, pictures, music and other programs. Kids don't even see your desktop so they can't open, change, or delete anything.
  • Simplify computer use with our kid-friendly start screen, customizable Activity Bar, icon-driven features, and spoken help. Your child will love having everything he or she wants to use in one place!
  • Set up a favorite activity once and your child can re-start it without your help. No need to re-type URLs again!
  • Protect your child online by setting browsing limits, preventing downloads, and/or blocking pop-ups on a site-by-site basis.
  • its $29.99 for each computer with no recurring fees. If you had heard Dan talk you would be immediately convinced that you need this for your computer (if you have kids)

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