Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dad Where did you get the pop corn ?

Barber Shop

9729 Traville Gateway Dr
Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 251-2891

On Yelp you will find a review I did on the Barber Shop in Traville gateway center in Rockville . I love the place. Now you are asking yourself - What can be different in a barbershop? I actually look forward to going here. Dimitri who I think is the owner takes care of you. I know they use warm foam when they are almost finished to scrape any left over hair which is very soothing. They provide great conversation and best of all you can sit and eat pop corn or take it away when you leave.

That is what I did today  and my kids loved the popcorn. Guess which barber shop they will suggest to anyone who asks them?

I would normally have this review on my blog I decided to write it here because it relates to social media and the talk that Rohit Bhargava gave at Network Solutions.

Rohit has several examples in his book " Personality Not Included" and after reading the book i am trying to recollect the personalities in businesses that I remember  from Mani at the book store in Bangalore airport to the the nice perosn at Travelers insurance ( can't remember her name now) there are a lot of people we meet in businesses that make an impact on us.

Today at the Traville barbershop Dimitri had a day off so I settled for the popcorn !

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