Monday, September 15, 2008

Can business really learn from Politics ? Ask Brent Leary -

In the Web 2.0 world we must learn from the experience of those who have  implemented a successful strategy. What better example of success using social media than the campaign of Barack Obama. When Brent Leary told me this and mentioned his presentation-turned-into-website  , I could not wait to get back to my desk and check it out. I met Brent Leary  first at the Small Business Technology Summit in NYC in February of this year.( See my prev post ) Very impressive speaker and has a great knowledge of CRM and how these tools can be used by businesses. Brent also has his own Radio show BusinessTechnologyRadio.

Small Business Technology Summit 2008

In observing and studying the Barack Obama campaign Brent saw that a parallel can be implemented by Small Business owners. his presentation Barack Obama's Social Media Lesson to Small Businesses is availablel on the website and also on on It is freely downloadable. I remember Brent used the word " Google Quotient" at the Small Business Technology Summit. Do you know your Google Quotient? The site also haa lot of interesting podcasts .Brent is Atlanta based and is a huge resource on small business and technology.

I have to add this link to my presentation

Sometimes life brings brilliant people your way to inspire you to perform better than you thought you were capable of. Brent is one of them. The next step is to use what you learn to make someone else's life better. I look forward to meeting him in person again soon. In the meantime our conversations will be on Twitter , facebook and sometimes email :)

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