Sunday, September 14, 2008

"48 Hours in Mumbai" National Geographic Traveler, October 2008 By Monica Bhide

Monica Bhide is a DC area author and food lover who writes food and travel articles for several International and US newspapers. I met her at Indique heights a few weeks ago at a gathering to welcome Sanjeev Kapoor a TV celebrity Chef and well know author of several cookery books in India. Monica was looking forward to her article '48 hours in Mumbai" appearing in the National Geographic Traveler in October.

The October Issue of National Geographic Traveler has come out today and has some fantastic pictures of Bombay ( aka Mumbai) Online at > When you have a chance please read the article and provide feedback here or on Monica's blog


On another note I was reading the National Geographic magazine today and it has an extensive article ' Fast Lane to the Future" on the GQ i.e Golden Quadrilateral which is a highway project connecting Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras (Chennai). The two things I will quote from the article:

DON BELT the article's author:  "To cross a busy intersection is to catch a glimpse of the Indian character : enterprising, creative, pushy, energetic, relentless and surprisingly good-natured"

In another place the article quotes Martii Salomaa  a Manager at Nokia " India has the most amazing workforce in the world. People here are creative, driven, full of energy and new ideas.You don't need to push them, because they push each other relentlessly; the challenge is channeling their incredible energy"

Sounds familiar ?

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