Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TCM Social Media Seminar Johns Hopkins University

Jeremy Epstein Started the show with some great real life examples at the Tech Council of Maryland’s FIRST Web 2.0 seminar called Growing Your Business Through Social Media .

As I started to write this post I saw an awesome recap of the event by Robin Ferrier at the Capital Communicators Group Blog .

Her notes were accurate and so I am reproducing them here :

-- More important to listen to what others say about you than what you say about you.
-- Listen first. Find out who is talking about you. Where talking about you. What saying.
-- When people realize you're listening, goes from frustration for customer to willingness to provide feedback.

The other things that I recollect from the panel talk are:

I wore pink and that helped to show support for the Komen for Cure program :)

Companies may debate where Social media should live - Marketing, product or PR

Engagement not sales should be the goal of social media

Blogger Relations tab on your Corporate page is a must

Your news release can come back to talk to you in the new media.

Very important to answer even when people are posting negatively.

Marc Hausman made a great point which we follow at Network Solutions thorough our blog which is that every company has such great potential to create useful content that will be appreciated in the Social Media. His company has been doing some great work in that arena.

Alice Marshall got a huge applause when she said how freedom is the underlying principle and shutting down Facebook and other social networks from employees is not good.

I got the chance to use my line " Take the lawyers to lunch " - What I mean by that is talk to the legal folks and ask them for suggestions on how you can achieve what you want to achieve. The lawyers i come across have been very business oriented and social media savvy. Maybe I am hanging with the right crowd:)

Flickr pics :

Other Fantastic people who wrote about the event:

Chuck Kramer :

I have some handouts and my presentation here

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