Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TCM Social Media Seminar : Meeting MD Tech Council Stars

Md Tech Council Social Media Seminar Sept 2008 - Craig Stoltz

Meeting Craig Stotlz is like a lucky charm . He blogs at I had the previlege of talking to Robert W. McGlotten From the Department of Business and Economic Development . The Department has a easy to remember URL Choosemaryland,org. I took a quick Qik Interview and he was very sporting to consent. I am impressed.


Mark Glazer, Rick Harris of the MD tech Council are always great to talk to. Mitch Arnowitz is a awesome guy.

Md Tech Council Social Media Seminar Sept 2008 Rick Harris

I met new Twitter friends  @SarahMorgan, @RFerrier, @creativemichael . My good friend @prestovivace. Jeremy Epstein was an awesome speaker. I discovered that Gabriela Cadena is a fellow member of the DC Media Makers.

A whole list is coming tomorrow. If I missed the opportunity to say "Hi" to you I hope you will reach out and say hello email Shashib (at) networksolutions [.] com
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