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10 Commandments for the President Elect - to Save the US Economy

This was one of the sessions at Pop!Tech that had me riveted to my seat. I took 100 pictures of the session and put them on my ShashiBellamkonda Flickr Feed.

Juan explained the economics in sucah a simple way and you will agree with me when you see this video and also read the discussions on the Pop!tech website (links are below) . 

Juan Enriquez (2008) Pop!Tech Pop!Cast from PopTech on Vimeo.

(download Juan’s presentation as a pdf)

To continue the conversation, Pop!Tech has set up a couple spaces where:

1. Anyone can join in a respectful, civil and fact-based debate on how we got into this mess and what it’s going to take to fix it.  Additionally, participants can work collaboratively on a set of wikified financial commandments for the next President of the United States - to address the crisis:

2. Participants can brainstorm about new, creative ways to tell our leaders – parties, candidates and, inevitably, Presidents-elect – that they have permission to speak candidly about this crisis and its consequences:

This is a non-partisan effort focused on generating smart recommendations disliked by Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and the Green Party alike – bridging past political self interest to reasoned economic policies that benefit all Americans. We welcome every informed opinion and viewpoint on this critical issue. 

Ultimately, this is a clarion call to our current political establishment, imploring politicians to address citizens as adults and embrace unpopular decisions that benefit the electorate – and the country. 


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