Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meeting Frank Warren :

In another one of those karmic moments, as I completed security and walked to wards my gate at the Portland Maine jetport I saw Frank Warren ( ) and Joe Navarro ( and Ian Lipkin sitting at a restaurant. I joined them and had an amazing conversation . As we were on the same flight Frank Warren told me a lot about and his story and we exchanged ideas and I got a lot of ideas from him.

Post secret is a blog and its driven by user contribution. Frank started by distributing post secret post cards and anyone could send in their secret. This became a mass movement and Frank now receives 000's of post cards each week. 

Frank gives talks at a lot of colleges that encourages young people and has written several books on the post secrets .

I really want to connect the DC blogger community with Frank as there is a lot of learning here.  What do you think ?

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