Sunday, October 05, 2008

Affiliate Social Media Summit : Melissa Salas and Steve Rosenbaum

Affiliate Social Media Summit NYC


To Jim Kukral's question as the moderator " how do you make a viral video" Steve answered , " How do you make a hit song" .  Toldya is a Social Commerce Platform that partnered with to create advertising widgets and  Qoof is another company that uses for clickable links in the video that goes to the product page.


Steve Rosenbaum narrated a case study from Reader's Digest and used the principle of 3 C's.

  • Created
  • Collected
  • User contributed

Editors went to different video sites and tagged videos and used them to create channels for their TasteofHome channel . Now that they already had many videos users contributed more videos and trafic went up. Videos should have actors in the videos should look like you or me instead of well decorated.


UGC = User generated content

Message your members/customers and give them an incentive to create and upload video. Give them a prize from one of your partners and that's advertising.

Clicks from videos convert higher at 5%.. Syndication is a powerful new mechanism.

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