Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Action Day :SalaamGarage : Amanda Koster

Gnomedex Seattle
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I am late by a day for the Blog action Day ( apologies) I met Amanda Koster at Gnomedex and after her session we spoke for a long time. Amanda Koster runs and works with NGO's (non Governmental organizations) to help with social causes.

SalaamGarage also organizes trips to places to help people be philanthropic and see new places.  Amanda is a accomplished photographer and its wonderful to see that she is using this talent for a good cause.

her story

"In 1993 Amanda Koster landed solo in Asmara, Eritrea (East Africa) about 1 month after then end of a 30-year civil war with Ethiopia. WIth her were written directions to her friends grandmothers house in Tagrinia (Eritrean language). Regardless of the directions, the cabbie and she were lost for hours. Once Amanda said out-loud the only words written in English, “Salaam Garage?!” (the garage next to the grandmothers house) everything came together. They were there in 5 minutes while the trip changed her life forever."

See the post on the Network Solution's Blog about Amanda's talk at Gnomedex

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