Thursday, October 16, 2008

How The community helps you take good photographs

I have been taking pictures and I think my picture taking skills have improved thanks to social media. Here are a few individuals I would like to thank for going out of their way to help:

Nahum Gershon |  | | I meet nahum all the time and we got connected on Facebook first.

John Wall | | | I met him at Blogger Social and I followed his lead. He looks at my Flickr stream and sends comments and tips.

Todd Jordan | The Broad Brush | | We connected face to face at SobCon 08. He took me through a quick 101 on shooting without a flash.

Kris Krug  | | | He gave a great presentation at Gnomedex and later he let me use his camera ( must be costing a lot) to test shoot. He is avery nice guy for a professional Fashion photographer.

Timothy Wood || | I met Timothy at Gnomedex and he took the time to look at my pictures and give me advice. I am reproducing his advice below with his permission as it may help others.

Timothy sent me a lot of tips and studied my Flickr pictures. Some highlights of his advice:

"one technique I found very helpful when I was first starting was to get a basic film point and shoot camera and a log book - then just start shooting everything and take detailed notes about what you took, both emotional notes and technical notes about lighting, environment, composition etc. It will really translate over to the digital world the more you do this."

"see you were using the 55-250mm. Which is a good lens - but I think it may be a bit dark for your use. It seemed that a lot of your shots were around the 100mm range and that you had to shoot around 1/125 with a really high iso. I'm wondering if the 85mm f1.8 or 135mm primes might be more useful for you - they work better with portrait and indoor shots because their f range are pretty wide open. Even the 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 would work well but I'm more of a prime lens user myself."

"try to shoot closer"

I have to thank Guy Kawasaki for letting me shoot with his Nikon D90 at Blog World. What do you think of my pictures Do you have any adivce and as I always tell people, I have a disclaimer that - people look better in real life than my pictures.

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