Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool business card from Rachel Shechtman

Today was the first day of Pop!tech and the way Poptech structures lunches is that you are randomly selected and given a restaurant coupon for lunch and 90 minutes to finish lunch.

I had the good fortune of having lunch with among other Herb Kim and Rachel Shechtman. Rachel has a new ideas firm called Cube Ventures and is starting another company called Show and Tell. During lunch she gave her business card which was from and has customized candy with Show and tell on each candy.

During lunch I heard a lot of interesting new methods that Rachel has been helping companies with including making top Bankers cook food at a networking event.

I am happy i met a lot if intetesting people at Poptech and Rachel is going to go places :) Good luck to her and Show and tell.

her current company is

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