Monday, October 20, 2008

Education on Twitter : Real people help me with What or Who is Flat Stanley

Today a lot of folks on Twitter helped me with stuff that would have taken me some time to find and educate myself. I am hoping that this post will be helpful to anyone else who does not about Flat Stanley.

StarrGazr: @shashib Check FB for some links to some info on Flat Stanley or go here If you want more info, let me no.

Jillmz: @shashib it's a board of a person that travels around - gets sent around from person to person, journeying through life

darrylohrt: @shashib HA! we were just chatting about flat stanley in our office today! Great program for kids:

mattr: @shashib flatstanley

sheilas: @shashib Flat Stanley is a geography teaching tool in some schools, a cutout guy you mail around & take pics with in different places

lizscherer: @shashib. Flat Stanley is a character in a children's book that was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him

ParentopiaDevra: @shashib It's a book and elementary school students read it and then send out "Stanley's" to see where he can travel.

Adding Facebook people who contributed :
TracyLee Carroll at 4:54pm October 20
OMG! It started as a book and has grown to be a project done by children everywhere. My daughter did a Flat Stanley project in second grade and through the use of Flickr, she had her "Flat Bobby" travel all around the world. It circumnavigated the globe! Check out this group on Flickr
TracyLee Carroll at 4:57pm October 20
More information in the comments in on this page.

I am now educated on Flat Stanley . Thanks everyone.

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