Friday, December 05, 2008

Shama Hyder Rebrands to Clicktoclient


I met Shama Hyder on Twitter and for the first time IRL at SXSW 2008. Her mantra is to help small business learn "how to leverage the internet to get more clients and grow their business! She is very smart and personable and the sincerity glows from her. On her blog she writes great posts including

ThanksGiving recipes that you should read.

She has now rebranded her company to ClicktoClient and here is her note to all her friends:

Surprise! After The Launch is now Click To Client. This is the IDEAL case study in business evolution. For anyone who has ever struggled for perfection and found it in the process of just doing the best they can-this will resonate.

Over a year ago, I launched After The Launch as a single business owner. It was called After The Launch because I wanted to reach those people who had just launched their business and needed help marketing online…after the launch. You’re getting the picture here! = )

Flash forward to now- we are a FULL service online marketing firm (with full time employees!) serving well established offline businesses who want to get online, as well as new business owners who want to launch their first company online. In fact, all our clients are in a different phase of their business. What we do for all of them though is the same. We show them how to get clicks (online marketing training), we get clicks for them (SEO), and we show them how to turn those clicks into clients. Hence, Click To Client. Full service web marketing firm.

What changes? Well, our name, our brand, our look.

What doesn’t change? Out commitment to helping businesses leverage the internet for more profit, our content quality on this blog (well, it may get better!), our dedication to being a valuable company.

So, what do you think? let her know at

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