Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Painting contractor recommendation from the Washington DC area

I sent this call for help to my network on Twitter and Facebook

"need a recommedation for a reliable painter in the DC , Maryland area"



Linda Dickerhoof "please share with me when you get it!!" ( I am doing that through this blog)

Melanie Mitchell  "Pete Ferry with Remodel Virginia ( They do a lot more than paint and I've used them for several projects but Pete is nice, reliable, honest and fair which is tough to find in that business sometimes :)and of course they also just paint if my answer wasn't clear :)!!!

webconsigliere: @shashib - I have used and strongly recommend him. Feel free to contact me with questions

kasrael: @shashib (expand) Perhaps this may help?

kevindewalt: @shashib for DC-based service providers I recommend Consumer's Checkbook,


I will Update this post if I get more recommendations. Please feel free to comment here and make your own recommendations. Thanks.


pmhesse: @shashib Jose Leon has done a great job for us twice. 301-918-4907

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