Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Airways Crew saves 155 lives by landing in the Hudson River

Flight #flight1549 from La Guardia to Charlotte NC today landed in the Hudson River and all the passengers and crew were safely rescued. See Twitpic 

How Twitter and Flickr covered it

Some Flicker pictures


Twitter eyewitness account

As I was flying from Las Vegas on Tuesday night I sat in the emergency exit and wondered about how I would operate the exit if needed. I am glad the flight 1549 episode had a happy text book ending. From the coverage on TV I see that the passengers behaved marvellously and helped each other. The crew stayed back inside the plane till all the passengers were out of the plane.


Capt Sullenberger was a US Air force pilot who now flies for US airways and did a great job keeping the pane flat till it hit the water and keeping it afloat as long as possible. 3 cheers to the crew fir saving these lives.


The stock of US airways was up 7% before the news of the crash hit. Here are some things I am going to do:


a) Learn swimming

b) Pay attention when the crew demonstrate the life jackets

c) Always read the flight safety instructions

d) Smile and greet any pilot I meet and shake hands if protocol allows.


Advice to Pilot Sullenberger - dude you need to join SouthWest. You are a hero !

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