Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Fix your Windows - My Videos folder from crashing?

For the past few days the My Videos folder in my computer has been crashing my Windows Explorer. It is quite frustrating because if you have any Internet Explorer windows open they crash too. Well I am happy to say I fixed it.

I have no scientific evidence for this but I think when you se your Windows folders for a Thumbnail view you may have this problem. ( Also mentioned here )


Every time I opened the "My Videos' Folder all my windows explorer windows and my Internet Explorer windows would crash and I would get the Dr. Watson message asking me to report the problem.



  • I opened my "My Documents" folder
  • Set the view to " Details"
  • Clicked on Tools >> Folder Options >> View
  • Clicked on " Apply to All folders"
  • Clicked on " reset All folders"

Now I can open the folder without any danger of browser or explorer crash.


I hope this helps other folks if at all they have this issue.

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