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Hat Trick at the Small Business Summit New York

I attended Small Business Summit  2009 on Feb 3rd in  New York. This was my third time ( hat trick !). The conference is organized by Ramon Ray, Small Business technology guru who writes on Technology for Small Business for   with Marian Banker of Prime Strategies, a small businesses consulting firm.

Small Business Technology Summit 2009

Every time I attend this conference attended I am amazed by the energy of both the presenters and the audience. The conference is well planned and the agenda for the Small  business conference filed with topics that are tuned to both the novice small business owner and the expert. This is a refreshing focus from conferences that cater to experts only. I met several small business owners and persuaded them to give me a video interview which will be published on the Network Solutions Blog soon.

Small Business Technology Summit 2009
Small Business Entrepreneurs: Regina Furfy ( and Jill Frechtman ( )

Opening keynote at the Small Business Summit was by Bob Pearson- Dell VP Communities and Conversations @BobpDell. The subject of the keynote was "Keeping Customers: It’s The Relationship (First) Not the Product" .

Small Business Technology Summit 2009

Bob Pearson's recap of the Summit at the Dell Small Business Blog. I want to thank Bob for giving me a impromptu video interview. Bob told me about 3 things that are new at Dell.

Marian Banker moderated a panel "Tips for Thriving When Customers Spend Less"

 Small Business Technology Summit 2009

My buddy and Network Solutions colleague Harry Brooks gave a talk on "Your Online Presence: More Important Than Ever" . This was a step by step explanation of what Search Engine optimization is and how to do it yourself. The talk also laid out the guidelines for the right questions to ask if outsourcing the project.

  Your Online Presence: More Important Than Ever : Harry Brooks Network Solutions Small Business Technology Summit 2009 

Harry Speaks all around the country and you can sign up for a SEO seminar here

How We Keep and Nurture Loyal Customers : Small Business Technology Summit 2009

Harry brooks then became the buffer as he sat between Microsoft office Live's  Michael Schultz and Google's Jonathan Rochelle on the panel 'How We Keep and Nurture Loyal Customers" Moderated by my good friend Brent Leary.

Brent Leary:Small Business Technology Summit 2009

I had a long and interesting conversation with Anita Campbell of . One tip that she gave me was to think about Blog posts as questions that you are asked and answer them. We discussed Network Solutions' Small Business community and web developer efforts and I was thrilled when she mentioned Network Solutions In her recap of the Small business Summit.

Others who covered the summit

Steve Fisher:

Anita Campbell : and

Dell Small Business Blog:

Staci Wood :

Geekly Times :

Laurie Mccabe

Jonathan Rochelle :

Sanford Dickert :

John Jantz


Old friends I met at the Small Business Summit
Michelle Riggins of BatchBlue

 Michelle Riggins and Shashi Bellamkonda , Network Solutions

And Pam O' Hara of Batch Blue - Contact , Communications and task management software

 Pam O Hara and Shashi Bellamkonda , Network Solutions

I had the privilege of taking the train in the esteemed company of Steve Fisher

 Steven Fisher : Small Business Technology Summit 2009


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