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Beth Harte PR 2.0 at Online Media Bootcamp

Beth Harte  The Harte of Marketing kicked off the afternoon session with PR 2.0.  here are some points from her talk and I have included tweets from the

OMBC Twitter Stream
  • You  cannot control the message about your company on blogs  or other social media channels. if you want to control the message buy an ad.
  • Do not attempt to ghost blog for companies
  • Understand how to work with people complaining about your company. They are empowered to give their opinion.
  • First Step in PR 2.0 - Listen
  • You may discover that there is not much of a conversation about you
  • Listening Tools many of them do not give you a tone
  • For research purposes monitor your competitors keywords too
  • PR is the advocate for the customer and community
  • @MackCollier: If the people you want to reach aren't on Twitter, why would you be there? Find out where your customers are & follow them #OMBC @bethharte
  • You need a plan to engage with detractors, start a conversation
  • @storyspinner: the average consumer doesn't know what a press release is, they see a name & number and they call you @bethharte #ombc (PR 2.0)
  • @ConversationAge: @bethharte talks about making plans on the degree of involvement #ombc
  • Become Social and take baby steps
  • Move from press release to news release ( Introduction to Pitch Engine)
  • Share pictures, videos, podcasts through press releases.
  • Have a way to call the product experts
  • Make elements of your news release shareable
  • Make press releases SEo friendly and good reader experience
  • Try using
  • You can be social by making sure you use RSS feeds to send information
  • What works for you and your company many be different from others so you may not have a definite model to follow
  • storyspinner: RSS is spam free - if u don't like what someone's saying, turn it off. Journalists love RSS, don't have 2 wait 4 the wire! @bethharte #ombc
  • Listen , engage, make sure it is really newsworthy,


Beth Harte runs Harte Marketing & Communications, and in adddition Beth speaks at industry conferences and event and serves as adjunct professor at Immaculata University where she’s taught Marketing in a Global Economy, Marketing Principles and Practices, Introduction to Public Relations, Writing for Public Relations & Social Media and Issues in E-Commerce. Beth will also be teaching Community, Government and Global Relations and Writing for PR & Social Media in the new Master’s in Applied Communication program.


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