Thursday, April 09, 2009

Online Media Bootcamp Philly April 9th 2009


I am at King of Prussia in Philadelphia for the Online Media Bootcamp a day long, exclusive internet marketing training conference, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The other speakers along with me are Beth Harte and Liana Evans ( organizers) Valeria Maltoni and Mack Collier 

Here are some nuggets that were on Twitter . You can find by following the OMBC thread here

Social Media Fundamentals :  Liana “Li” Evans

  • @MackCollier: Social media should mesh with your larger comm strategy and compliment it, not be standalone @storyspinner
  • MackCollier: If you engage and respond to detractors online, you can convert them into evangelists (YES!)
  • Social media does not have the immediate conversion like SEO and PPC

Corporate Blogging Session : Valeria Maltoni ConversationAge

  • Blog best practices : distinct & objective focus, authentic voice, enable comments, regular posts
  • Contact info on the Blog is important
  • Make your blog search friendly. Use Google search or Lijit
  • Share the podium, glory of socialmedia liberally linking from blogs
  • @sarahweddle: Blogs can use conversational English/tone but use spell check! Being conversational is no excuse for bad grammar
  • @TheDryCleaner: #OMBC Blog should be more "having a cup of coffee" with someone and less about shouting.
  • @MackCollier Create a blogroll of your fav blogs, give kudos to others in your industry. Creates value for readers
  • eldridge2m: Community of Sr Execs in charge of Social Media at largest corporations in the world, #ombc @conversationAge
  • Curate content, respond to comments, stay proactive, clean up sidebars. More best corporate blogging practices #OMBC @conversationage

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