Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bing Plays Fair : Try searching for Google


I like the first kicking of the tires of Bing - Microsoft's new search engine. While the results kind of resemble the Google format I think they could do better with reducing the number of sponsored ads above the search results.( They are like Yahoo in that regard) OI think there are components of Symantic web and my best method of determing this is to search for the term President I like the related searches on the left



Searching for the term "Thai" brought not only News from Thailand, Thai wikipedia, Thai images and also local results for Thai including Thai restaurants with phone numbers.

On a few result pages I was happy to see results from Freebase. I liked the results for Social Media Swami and the ability to mouse over the ornage dot on the right of the results and see a preview of the referenced article/page and links from that page.

Microsoft you may have a good thing going. I hope you manage it and grow it well. Kudos.

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