Saturday, June 06, 2009

Is your OOO (Out of Office) message useful ?

In my opinion it is important to always leave a Out of the office message to tell people when you will be able to get to their message.  In the connected world today I am confident I can get to most of my messages even if I am traveling and probably with the same time frame ( Not always good as I struggle with my own email volumes) One thing that is working very well though is a customized Out of office message. For the past few months since I have been traveling a lot I have been including a message about where I am going and I have been presently surprised by the reaction to them. Folks have been replying to my Out of the Office messages with their own observations. I like that and it gives me more inspiration to make my Out of the office message meaningful. This is my Out of the office message this week as I prepare to go to the IABC World Congress tomorrow ( 7th June 2009) to receive the 2009  Golden Quill Award from IABC for Voice of the Customer along with our Social Media agency CRT-Tanaka.

My Out of the Office Message :

Heard the good news? Network Solutions won the 2009  Golden Quill Award from IABC for Voice of the Customer. I will be attending the IABC World Congress in San Francisco from 7th to 10th June.

The Network Solutions Social Media team can be reached at listen We are also @netsolcares on Twitter.  If you are a small Business or small business related expert please visit and tell us what you think.

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Some resources on the web about Out of office messages:

Microsoft template :

NY Times article OOO :

Funny collections of Out of the Office messages

Ron Crumbaker at, Inc.

You may have cooler stuff in your Out of the Office messages or you may have other places that have great advice. Hope you will stop by comment and let us know. Thanks.

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