Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to FORD the traffic and talk to your car?

The FORD Taurus SHO has several cool features including one that reads text messages to you when you are driving.

I am sitting in traffic on the Washington beltway and my N95 phone is going off with DMs ( Dms= Direct messages on Twitter) delivered to me by SMS. As the phone goes “beep beep “ I am tempted to look at my messages and keep an eye on the car in front while traveling at 5 miles per hour. At that moment I remembered a conversation I had with Ken Ken Czubay Ford Motor Company’s, Vice President, U.S. Marketing recently in DC where FORD held a tweetup to show people their 2010 Ford Taurus SHO. The FORD SHO using Microsoft Sync can read text messages to you ( How cool is that !).

Summer of Taurus : Washington DC

When talking about the car Ken Czubay told me the safety features first:

  • Blind Spot warning indicator
  • Adaptive Cruise control
  • Adaptive headlights that automatically decrease brightness when there are oncoming cars
Summer of Taurus : Washington DC- Ford Taurus SHO & me

I drove the car a few blocks around DC and it reminded me of a Volkswagen Passat in how comfortable it was to drive. Leather was cool and soft touch and my wife would have loved that. When I reversed the car you see the camera and also a indication of the feet and lines that indicate how far you can go 0 see picture below.

Summer of Taurus : Washington DC Summer of Taurus : Washington DC

The engine is a EchoBoost 3.5L Duratec V6 engine and gives you a rapid acceleration and according to Popular Science magazine cranks out 355 HP more than many large V8s and also 25% better fule consumption. I like the capless fuel tank opening so you don;t spend much time opening caps and have to find soap and hand cleanser speically when you are going to an important meeting and shaking hands. I beileve premium gas is optional which again is a great way to save.

It comes with a push button start ( I have that in my current car a Toyota Camry Hybrid and love it) and memory adjustable brakes. Another cool feature is that the valet key does not give access to the full engine capacity so anyone you give that too cannot race the car.

According to the Car’s website the price is around $37,170. I like the car and I one of the good cars I have driven recently. If the car has to pass the Shashi test it will have to score well on these points:

  • Excellent resale value in 3 years
  • other than regular oil changes and normal wear and tear no repair expenses in 3 years.

The word on the street is that FORD has really worked hard to assure quality on this car so who knows in 3 year’s time I will be driving a FORD Taurus SHO. America’s automaker’s way back to the heart of Americans.

Other pictures of the car and the event

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