Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I started my career reading this book & after #Growsmartbiz need to read it again to brush up

My dad first read this book and thought it important enough for me to read. The principles and discipline that I read in this book have helped me in my career. Even without a refresher I can recollect :
a) We is more important than !
b) Always keep smiling
c) Greet everyone whether you know them or not
d) Networking and relationships are important.

Today I was at a seminar organized by Reston Limo CEO Kristina Bouweiri "Designing the Exceptional Life" where Dr. Tom Hill spoke. he is a good speaker and has very actionable steps for everyone to follow. I think I am going to exercise more now. Thank you Kristina - Reston Limosine is more than a Limousine company, you are making your community efforts a large part of your business.

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