Thursday, October 01, 2009

#GrowSmartBiz Great marketing idea from a attendee @mdsmallbusiness

I was at the registration counter and then i get a surprise from @Tinu and @MdSmallBusiness which is in th picture. Temitayo Osundina is a entrepreneuer and with the firm Faith Gifts where you can customize your gifts - She had the pen and business card holder customized with a congratulatory message for the GrowSmartBusiness Conference. I thought it was great idea and thrilled me extensively. At the same time I remembered the time I heard the founder of baby Mozart who said as a small business she went to a lot of tradeshows to show her product and network.

I hope the attendees of GrowSmartBiz conference did a lot of networking and gained from the day. If you missed the conference click to see the recorded webcast of the event.

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