Engagement through Customer Service: Your Contact Center and Social Media - Event Jan 5th

Event Date: 01/05/2010
Event Time:11:30 AM to 1:30 PM EST
To participate head on over to  website http://hashtagsocialmedia.com/.

TOPIC: Developing customer relationships are about managing a series of defining moments with customers (ie: pleasant to talk to, was I treated with respect, was my inquiry answered timely, did rep answer or fulfill my question). Contact centers are traditionally very strong with telephone support so incorporating online social media into contact centers is certainly a challenge. There may be nothing as important however to developing a truly social enterprise.

Q1) When should customer service engage with consumers using social media?
Q2) How can contact centers scale to meet the demands of social media?
Q3) How can you determine if Customer Service is being effective with social media?

You should definitely check out the past Hastagsocialmedia events which discussed some great topics like Twankers, Rock Stars & Gurus – Authenticity In A World of Exploding Egos with Rohit Bhargava and The Value of Twitter for Businesses moderated by Jason Falls and many others.  Discuss with you more on Tuesday at http://hashtagsocialmedia.com/event/41

First published in my DC Social Media Examiner column


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