Friday, January 01, 2010

Watch Michelle Obama on the Jan 3rd Iron Chef on Food Network

On Jan 3rd there is a special guest on Food Network’s Iron Chef show . Iron Chef calls her a Guest of National Importance which she is and has a video leading up to the episode “The First Lady challenges the chefs to make garden-fresh fare”

The Episode summary from the Food Network Site:

Super Chef Emeril Lagasse and Iron Chef Mario Batali take on Iron Chef Bobby Flay and Super White House Chef Comerford in the culinary showdown of the century! There will be a special guest appearance by the First Lady, tasked by the Chairman to give the chefs their special challenge: each team will have to create the ultimate meal for America, using the White House Garden as the 'secret ingredient.'

Alyssa Lee comments on AOL TV : Regardless of any political leanings, however, fans of cook-off shows will no doubt salivate from the sheer culinary power unleashed in this epic Kitchen Stadium event. And to show off scrumptious dishes using locally produced, organic ingredients? That's just icing on the cake.

Emily Yahr In the Washington Post says: The first lady, whose domestic agenda includes promoting healthy eating, shows up in a theme-appropriate orange dress reminiscent of a crisp vegetable. She informs the chefs that the secret (and required) ingredient for the food competition -- in which three judges decide whose dishes are most delicious -- is anything in the White House garden.

Hope you will be watching. Of course we had some fun at the Social Media Club DC with a Chef’s contest recently.—Party

If you watch the episode pleae come back here and lets chat about what you think.

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